Homemade Natural Armadillo Repellent

Do you have an armadillo problem? Do you need to get rid of armadillos? Here’s a tip to get rid of those pests and keep them from burrowing in your yard or garden. More tips to make armadillo repellent can be found at www.protectmyyard.com and then following the ‘Home Remedies‘ link.

Remedy One:
# Ingredients: Castor Oil and Liquid Dish Detergent
# Procedure: In a garden hose sprayer mix:

* 16 ounces Castor Oil* with
* 4 ounces of Liquid Dish Detergent.
* Fill to the top of the container with tap water and
* Mix thoroughly.

# Application: Spray the entire content over approximately 3000 square feet area.
# Caution! Castor oil will stain your clothes.
*Must use Industrial grade Castor Oil. Hydrogenated Castor Oil has shown ineffective.

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